Sim Simma,Who Am I ?

Welcome Queens & Kings, 


My name is Tierra Renee from Miami, Florida. I have enjoyed the depths of this beautiful world for nearly 23 years now. I am a recent grad of Florida International University with a Bachelors in Psychology. An interesting combination to have a degree in Psychology but have a passion for writing but…..MIND YA BUSINESS ­čÖé

I have finally put all of my love to work and I’ve executed a dream that I’ve been postponing for quite┬ásome time.

Writing has been a passion for me since just the second grade when I wrote my first poem, Freedom Ring.

” You took away our king our freedom ring You took away our freedom, Please let us lead them”

As short as this poem was who knew a little seven-year-old girl, inquired so much knowledge about Martin Luther King and Slavery, that she infused all of her anger into a ballad. My family was shocked that I was so WOKE !!!!

Anyone that truly knows and understands the real me, will tell you that my passion for writing is something that I can’t deny. From being featured in a high school Creative Writing magazine and winning Second Place in the Broward County Literary Fair, to working as a freelance writer for Social Media blogs like WomenByChoice, Single Wives Club, and Skyylevelmedia. Each of these opportunities┬áserved as blessings and drove me to the idea of creating my own blog.

But through it all, I hope you guys enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy writing them.