Sim Simma,Who Am I ?

Welcome Queens & Kings,Ā 


My name is Tierra Renee from Miami, Florida. I have enjoyed the depths of this beautiful world for nearly 23 years now. I am a recent grad of Florida International University with a Bachelors in Psychology. An interesting combination to have a degree in Psychology but have a passion for writing but…..MIND YA BUSINESS šŸ™‚

I have finally put all of my love to work and I’ve executed a dream that I’ve been postponing for quiteĀ some time.

Writing has been a passion for me since just the second grade when I wrote my first poem, Freedom Ring.

” You took away our king our freedom ring You took away our freedom, Please let us lead them”

As short as this poem was who knew a little seven-year-old girl, inquired so much knowledge about Martin Luther King and Slavery, that she infused all of her anger into a ballad. My family was shocked that I was so WOKE !!!!

Anyone that truly knows and understands the real me, will tell you that my passion for writing is something that I can’t deny. From being featured in a high school Creative Writing magazine and winning Second Place in the Broward County Literary Fair, to working as a freelance writer for Social Media blogs like WomenByChoice, Single Wives Club, and Skyylevelmedia. Each of these opportunitiesĀ served as blessings and drove me to the idea of creating my own blog.

But through it all, I hope you guys enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoy writing them.