Why Millennials run from commitment …


I’m only going to keep it 100 with you…

Us 90’s babies grew up listening to Kci & Jojo, Toni Braxton, and hence many other R&B vocals who value love and relationships. I mean these artists literally give you instructions through their music that describe exactly how should to treat your man or woman. Let’s not forget how Case proposed to Beyoncé in the Happily Ever After music video.

But brothers and sisters, why aren’t we praising that 90’s music kind of love more than having side chicks and calling Ubers after one night stands?
Now, of course, some of you instantly think of marriage when you hear the word commitment and the thought of marriage scares you. Who wants to be tied down for years with someone when you can be out there mingling with anybody you want to. I’m going to save the importance of marriage for another day.

Marriage isn’t for everyone!  Bullshit ! That’s the exact mindset you millennials seem to have and it’s sad. If you simply ask an elder couple how long they’ve been married they’ll tell you 40+ years. That’s what I call commitment. When I’m at work I sit back and admire couples who tell me they’ve been married for that long because I know marriage is tough and I know no one my age values commitment anymore.

Your 20’s is meant for finding yourself and being selfish, I get it. But that doesn’t mean go out there in sleep when any and everyone and hope that you won’t catch anything. If you want to be single and date, then do just that. Some of you are so hung up on the word commitment you don’t even know what dating entails.

The common easy way out is either friends with benifits or situationships. But what you idiots don’t realize is this is still in a way a relationship. The dictionary defines the word relationship as the way in which two or more people are connected. And agreeing to sleep with someone occasionally is still committing to someone.

The real reason you chose not to commit to someone isn’t that you enjoy sleeping around or you’re afraid of committing and marriage. It’s because they’re just not the one.



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